The International Patient Summary as blogs

During the recent HIMSS & Health 2.0 European Conference in Helsinki, Finland (11-13th June 2019), Trillium II partners shared their views on the IPS with the conference participants through a series of blogs.

You can read them all here:

Patient Summaries in focus: How many times do I have to answer the same question?  By Robert Stegwee, CEN

Is anyone actually using IPS or is it “just” another hype? By Janne Rasmussen, MedCom

Can Patient Summaries drive the patient journey of tomorrow across borders? By Alexander Berler, Gnomon Informatics SA

IPS Global Community of Practice for Digital Health Innovation. By Catherine Chronaki, HL7 By

The International Patient Summary: a story of synergy and cooperation in Standardization. By Giorgio Cangioli, HL7

International Patient Summary: A new source of health information to make us safer? By Dipak Kalra, i~HD

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