The International Patient Summary has a strong presence at the 17th International Conference on Informatics, Management and Technology in Healthcare in Athens, July 5-7.

Children’s Immunisation in Europe – a Vision of using the HL7 International Patient Summary to transform local Data into Child-specific Information and Population Health Knowledge

By Shalmali Deshpande (Imperial College), Catherine Chronaki (HL7 Foundation Europe), and Michael Rigby (Imperial College)

Citizens and Health Data – what about digital health literacy by all?

By Anne Moen (Institute for health and society, University of Oslo), Eva Turk (University of South east Norway, Catherine Chronaki (HL7 International Foundation)

IPS Governance Framework: Current practices in Specification Use and Updates

By Robert Stegwee (CEN TC/251), Hans Gille (CGI), Catherine Chronaki (HL7 International Foundation)

A Privacy Management Analysis (PMA) of Exchanging International Patient Summary

By Gokce B. Laleci Erturkmen (SRDC Software Research & Development and Consultancy Corp.), Ezelsu Simsek (SRDC Software Research & Development and Consultancy Corp.), Giorgio Cangioli (HL7 International Foundation), Catherine Chronaki (HL7 International Foundation)

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