Dr Petra Wilson – Trillium II Ambassador

Petra has held several extremely senior important roles in the health community in Brussels over the past 20+ years. Currently among her portfolio of activities, she is the European representative of the Personal Connected Health Alliance (PCHA)[1] and about to join the Board of the European Association for the Study of Diabetes. Her PCHA involvement is particularly relevant to her Ambassador role as the Continua design guidelines are referenced by the ITO, WHO and the European Commission (EC) for mHealth use.

Another current role is having just won (again) an EC contract on cross border patient flows in the EU, which makes her particularly passionate about the benefits of enabling patients to be treated with good knowledge of their medical history irrespective of where they happen to be. Given her past history working in the diabetes community, she sees people suffering from the complications of diabetes (all Types) as especially benefiting from use of the IPS; another group would be those living with cancer and still able to travel, indeed anyone with an NCD. In fact, anyone with health risks who wants to travel will benefit greatly from the peace of mind that comes from knowing the patient summary can be understood by medical professionals wherever they are.

More generally she is excited about the use of the IPS for European Reference Networks (ERNs) which were established at the same time as the EU legislation that eventually led to the IPS. ERNs enable ad hoc sharing of sensitive personal information related to those suffering from rare diseases.


[1] Previously known as Continua, now a subsidiary company of HIMSS.

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