A review of successful initiatives and models on Patient Summary standards in mHealth apps

The article ‘A review of successful initiatives and models on Patient Summary standards in mHealth apps’ has been published in the Journal of Aging & Innovation.

It provides an overview of successful initiatives on International Patient Summary (IPS) standards in mHealth apps, analysing existing models both in Europe and worldwide and describing those that are considered to be the most effective in supporting agile deployment.

Key trends and prospective developments of this lively market are briefly presented with specific emphasis on what are the most demanded services and features that clients want from an mHealth app, who the key providers are and what the predominant
trends are in the evolution of the market.

A desk research on relevant European outcomes on this area has been performed, highlighting the framework and results of the open consultation about the Roadmap for Electronic Health record (EHR) standard exchange format, that are displayed and briefly
analysed. The different ways adoption of IPS standards may be prompted and fostered are analysed and categorised, distinguishing the main types of adoption models depending on whether they leverage the influence that such standards might
exert on either the demand (government driven models) or the offer of mHealth apps (market driven models). A review of existing certification and accreditation schemes for mHealth EHR functionality is also presented, with a specific focus
on significant examples in UK and in Spain – Andalusia and Catalonia

The article is available here.

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