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  • History: DHACA is a 750-member not-for-profit organisation representing digital health companies mainly in the UK. It was founded in 2013 to take forward the learning from the dallas programme. ADI is an innovative engineering R&D Company based in Salts Mill, Saltaire. ADI is born out of Yorkshire Forward and established in 2006. ADI is a major player in Digital System development in Healthcare – ALIP Projects, MALT, dallas, won 6 SBRI awards, NHSE TECS advisors on metrics and measurement. It is the largest single TECS deployment in England
  • Purpose: Promotion of digital health & care to cut costs and improve patient outcomes and improved health care interoperability at all levels. Transforming healthcare pathways – enabling clinical and administrative improvements
  • Constellation: Because of the size of DHACA, the administration is managed by ADI. ADI is a combination of engineers, technologists and leading health professionals.
  •  Approach: Training programmes, learning from the innovators, built-in reporting of activity and outcomes, prototyping and innovation-led design processes, interoperability with established electronic records systems to enable wider integration and strong information governance; security, privacy, clinical safety.

Role/contribution in Trillium II

  • WP7 leader

Key people involved

  • Charles Lowe
  • John Eaglesham

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