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  • History: The ECHAlliance is a Community Interest Company (CIC) registered in Belfast – Northern Ireland (UK). It is a not-for-profit organisation and has 500+ member organisations (Companies, policy-makers, researchers, health & social care providers, patients, insurances, investors, etc.). ECHA has 16,000+ individuals as a community and a reach into 35+ countries (Europe, USA, Canada, China).
  • Purpose: ECHA provides information, news, reports, market surveys, insights about the markets, the solutions, the latest technology trends, business and research opportunities, etc.

The ECHAlliance members develop innovative solutions around mobile health, chronic diseases, active & healthy ageing, Internet of Things, wearables, personalised medicine, genomics, Big Data.

  • Constellation: ECHA works closely with the European Commission and national/regional governments, for the design of public policies and strategies about Digital Health, Wellness and Active & Healthy Ageing / Silver Economy.
  • Format:
    • International Network of Ecosystems (An ECHAlliance Ecosystem is, on a geographical area (region or country), a permanent multi-stakeholders group committed to work together on a regular basis (4 meetings per year). This to implement, within the health & social care system, innovative solutions targeting an improvement of the quality of health status and well-being of citizens, of the efficiency and the sustainability of the system and generating business activities growth and jobs creation).
    • ECHA International Working Groups (Medicines Optimisation Group, eHealth Strategy Group and Mental Health & Wellbeing Group)
  • Approach: International Conferences & Events. Innovative Projects with MAP expert services

 Role/contribution in Trillium II

  • ECHAlliance will lead two tasks in WP7: Dissemination, Market Outreach and Sustainability
  • Task 7.3: Study instruments of innovative procurement for patient summary standards
  • Task 7.4: Explore business models for patient summary standards adoption in mHealth apps

Key people involved

  • Paula Dougan
  • Julien Venne
  • Mikaela Nordenfelt

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