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  • History: empirica wasestablished in 1988 in Bonn, Germany.
  • Purpose: empirica provides research and consultancy to enable clients in the public and private sectors internationally to succeed in innovation with new information and communication technology.
  • Constellation: Coordinator of the European Network for Information Society Research (ENIR): Partners in all EU and EEA countries as well as Canada, Japan, Switzerland, USA, China, Australia specialising in applied socio-technical, policy and economic research in information society-related topic areas (http://www.enir.org)
  • Format: 30 employees: multi-disciplinary, international team (6 nations, 10 languages, academic studies in 12 countries)
  • Social, political and management sciences
  • Economics, geography
  • Medicine/health and social care services
  • IT engineering and (medical) informatics
  • Approach: Operating internationally, focus on European and national projects and studies

 Role/contribution in Trillium II

  • Task 4.3 leader (Benefit realisation)
  • Task 6.3 leader (Value case)
  • Involvement in Task 4.2 (Stakeholder needs), Task 7.5 (Licensing of information structures & value sets)

 Key people involved 

  • Veli Stroetmann
  • Rainer Thiel
  • Strahil Birov

Link to website: www.empirica.com

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