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  • History: Agence eSanté is an Economic Interest Group founded in 2012 by MoH and CNS. Currently a team of 18 persons, 6 nationalities and 11 languages.
  • Purpose:
    • Implementation, deployment, operation and administrative and technical management of a national electronic platform for the exchange and sharing of health data. It is also Agence eSanté’s purpose to implement applications and health information systems at national level.
    • Promoting Interoperability and security in the implementation of health information systems.
    • The establishment and maintenance of a roadmap for health information systems, defining a national strategy, articulated with national health priorities and the need for exchange and sharing of medical information between stakeholders.
    • Support regulators and authorities on strategic choices related to health information systems
    • Information for patients and providers on operational procedures and security measures in relation to the shared care record and the national electronic platform for exchange and sharing of health data.
  • Constellation: Supported by external experts.Main Stakeholders of the Healthcare sector in Luxembourg are represented in the Board of the Agence eSanté
    • FHL (Fédération des Hôpitaux)
    • CNS (d´Gesondheetskeetss)
    • Le Gouvernement Du Grand-Duché De Luxembourg
    • AMMD (Association des Médicins
    • Fédération Luxembourgeoise des Laboratoires d’Analyses Médicales
    • Syndicat des Pharmaciens luxembourgeois asbl
    • Patiente Verdriedung ASBL
    • COPAS
    • CCSS

 Role/contribution in Trillium II

  • Activities in WP 6 (1 PM)
  • Demonstration and piloting
  • Activities in WP 7 (0.1 PM)
  • Dissemination, market outreach and sustainability

 Key people involved

  • Heiko Zimmermann
  • Samuel Danhardt

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