I~HD – The European Institute for Innovation through Health Data, Belgium



  • History: The European Institute for innovation through Health Data (i~HD)has been established as a European not for profit body, registered in Belgium through Royal Assent.
  • Purpose: To enable, coordinate, and accelerate the efficient development and deployment of interoperable and seamless eHealth solutions and research strategies, towards achieving best practices and sustainable integrated person-centred health care, to optimize health and wellness in Europe, and beyond.eHealth solutions include software applications, medical devices, algorithms and analytic components, software tools and services, interfaces, repositories, networks and large scale infrastructures and info-structures.
  • Constellation: i~HD is governed by its member stakeholders, public and private, through an elected Board and officers. It will be financed by a mixture of membership subscriptions, fees from providing services including certification and accreditation, specific project grants and other income from education, training and expert advisory roles.

Role/contribution in Trillium II

  • i~HDis leading a work package on stakeholder engagement: to consult with clinicians, patients, the ICT industry and policy makers on how patient summaries can best be maintained, appropriately and securely shared, and trusted to help improve the quality and safety of cross-border emergency care.
  • WP4 leader

Key people involved

  • Dipak Kalra

Link to website: www.i-hd.eu

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