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  • History:Lombardia Informatica is a public-capital service company which was constituted in December 1981 as an initiative of the Regional Government of Lombardia.Lombardia is an ICT Company and acts as a link between the demand of the public administration, the market supply of Information & Communication Technology to Citizens and Companies who use the services. In application of the policies and the strategies set by Region Lombardia, LISPA develops and operate the ICT eHealth system.Since epSOS, LISPA operates the National Contact Point for eHealth (NCPeH), in application of the adopted Framework Agreement among Region Lombardia, HealthCare Institutions and LISPA.
  • Purpose:Lombardia’s purpose is to innovate services and increase the Regional System’s productivity through Information Technology (IT), in order to improve the Citizens’ quality of life and the competitiveness of the Companies in Lombardia. As IT partner of the Lombardia Region, Lombardia Informatica designs and implements ICT Systems for the Regional Government and represents the unique interface between the Region and the marketplace.
  • Constellation: 100 % owned by Region Lombardia
  • Format: Lombardia Informatica participates, in agreement with the Lombardia Region, in various research projects, partially funded by the EU under the Framework Programmes.

 Role/contribution in Trillium II

  • LISPA will lead the Work Package on Demonstrations, Pilots and Testing Events (WP6).
  • In its role of defining and implementing the technical aspects of the Regional ICT System, and particularly the Electronic Health Record, will co-operate to this project with the goal of bringing the specific expertise on eHealth, cross-border and within the Regional level and taking indication on validation of ICT implementations, internal or by vendors.
  • Furthermore, the experience will be exploited in the validation of the Italian Electronic Health Record interoperability system.
  • These dissemination activities will be brought as a value to WP7

 Key people involved

  • Marcello Melgara

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