SPMS – Servicos Partilhados Do Ministerio Da Saude EPE, Portugal



  • History: SPMS is a public enterprise created in 2010 functioning under the guardianship of the Ministries of Health and Finance.National authority on eHealth for cross-border services.
  • Purpose: Aims to provide shared services in the areas of purchasing, human resources and ICT to “centralize, optimize and rationalize” the procurement of goods and services within the NHS. Department for international cooperation that aims to articulate and create a seamless integration between national and EU projects.
  • Constellation: Public owned enterpriseunder the guardianship of the Ministries of Health and Finance.
  • Format: Projects

 Role/contribution in Trillium II

  • Participation on: WP2, WP5, WP6, WP7 and T2.4 Leader
  • T2.4 leader: focus efforts on the harmonization of the IPS data sets, info structures, value sets, and toolsregarding Allergies and Intolerances.
  • Making it Real: Engaging with the practice of Digital Health Innovation (WP6): eHealth national authority with several years of experience in cross border eHealth information services.
  • EU/US Interoperability Roadmap, Open innovation and IPS standards governance (WP5) and to the dissemination: relevant experience acquired during the last years with active participation in eHealth Policy bodies, like the eHN, eHMSEG and JAseHN.

 Key people involved

  • Estefânia Araujo
  • Arlete Monteiro
  • Vasco Veloso
  • Lília Marques

Link to website: www.spms.min-saude.pt/en/

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