Fundació TIC Salut Social , Spain



  • History: Created in 2006. TicSalut is an agency within the Ministry of Health of Catalonia.
  • TicSalut takes focus on the deployment of digital health in the Catalan Health System and acts as an observatory for new trends, innovation and monitoring of emerging initiatives.
  • Purpose: Provision of specific shared services in health in matters of purchasing and logistics, financial management, human resources and information and communications systems.Also, other supplementary and subsidiary activities to organisations that form part of the National Health Service (NHS), independently of their legal nature, as well as to bodies and services of the Ministry of Health and any other organisation, when they carry out activities specific to the area of health. The following areas form part of the above-mentioned mission:
    • Cooperation with the health services in innovation and change management.
    • Promoting knowledge sharing for strengthening the reform of the health sector.
    • Provision of shared services in several areas such as financial management, accounting, high-efficiency human resources, purchasing and logistics services and information and communications systems and technologies, keeping in mind the needs and responsibilities of the services of the NHS network.
    • Functioning as a purchasing agency for procuring goods and services for the health sector, obtaining economic gains through economies of scale and trading in competitive dialogue with suppliers.
    • Contributing as an Operating Unit of the Ministry of Health for the promotion of modernisation and innovation in operating procedures of Hospitals and Healthcare Centres, through the proper integration of information and communications technologies, in perfect coordination with national and regional policies.

Role/contribution in Trillium II

  • Task leader for T2.5 Problems and Procedures: data sets, information structures, value sets and tools

Key people involved

  • Lourdes Rodríguez
  • David Rodríguez
  • Ariadna Rius

Link to website: http://www.ticsalut.cat/en_index/ 

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