Public deliverables will be available upon approval from the Commission.

No. Deliverable
D1.1 Project Management Handbook (Confidential)
D1.2 Report from Advisory Board and Steering Committee of GC-DHIP (Confidential)
D1.3 D1.3 v2018-06-04 Communication and Visibility Plan-WP1-MedCom
D2.1 D2.1 v2018-05-31 Assembling Interoperability Assets for Patient Summary Components-WP2-HL7
D2.2 D2.2 v2017-10-13 Configuration Canvas for patient summary component libraries
D2.3 D2.3 v2017-12-30 Medications and Medical devices – data sets, information structures, value sets, & tools-WP2-T2.2-PHAST
D2.4 D2.4 v2017-12-30 Vaccinations-Immunization – data sets, information structures, value sets and toolsWP2-T2.3-THL
D2.5 D2.5 v2017-12-30 Allergies and Intolerances – data sets, information structures, value sets and tools-WP2-T2.4-SPMS
D2.6 D2.6 v2017-12-30 Problems and Procedures – data sets, information structures, value sets and tools-WP2-T2.5-TicSalut
D2.7 Patient Summary Implementation guidance (due December 2018)
D3.1 D3.1 v2018-06-01 Use case Selection and Analysis of Patient Summary Use Cases beyond Emergency or Unplanned Care-WP2-HL7
D3.2 Implementation libraries for the selected Patient Summary Use cases (due June 2019)
D3.3 D3.3 v2018-02-26 Laboratory results library data sets information struc.._
D3.4 D3.4 v2018-06-29 Implementation libraries for Encounter Reporting-WP3-GNOMON
D3.5 D3.5 v2018-04-24Imaging Results Library_data sets, information structures, value sets and tools-WP3-OFFIS
D3.6 D3.6 v2018-03-26 Catalogue of Security and Privacy Controls and Methods for mitigating the security and privacy risks associated with use cases-WP3-SRDC
D4.1 Social value of IPS standards in United Nations Agency contexts (due December 2018)
D4.2 Impact, success factors, recommendations on the wide-scale adoption and use of an international patient summary standards (due December 2018)
D4.3 Education and training material for IPS and associated standards in three languages (due December 2018)
D5.1 Recommendations for the EU/US eHealth interoperability roadmap – Open Innovation in digital Health: the case of the international patient summary (due February 2019)
D5.2 Towards an international patient summary standards Governance Framework: managing requirements, intelligence gathering, and updates (due February 2019)
D6.1 Report from Testing Events, Demonstrations, Pilot projects, and Readiness Exercise (due April 2019)
D6.2 Establishing the value case for the international patient summary:   indicators and results (due June 2019)
D7.1 D7.1 v2018-06-05 Stakeholder analysis and Dissemination Plan-WP7-ADI
D7.2 Market outreach & patient summary implementation Prize (due August 2018)
D7.3 Patient Summary standards in Innovative procurement (due August 2018)
D7.4 Business modes for Patient Summary standards in mHealth apps (due December 2018)
D7.5 Outlook on licensing and deployment of information structures, tools, and associated value sets for Patient Summary components (due December 2018)
D7.6 Recommendations for a global community of digital health innovation practice (due May 2019)




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