What is the IPS?

International Patient Summary – It emphasizes the need to provide generic solutions for global application beyond a particular region or country. It is a health record extract comprising a standardized collection of clinical and contextual information (retrospective, concurrent, prospective) that provides a snapshot in time of a subject of care’s health information and healthcare.

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What is the Trillium II Prize?

The purpose of the prize is to promote the use of the FHIR international patient summary (IPS). The intention is to award the Trillium Prize to the organisation that, in the opinion of the panel of judges, has done the most to promote the beneficial use of the FHIR IPS for international medical information exchanges. Read more about the award criteria and how to enter the competition here.

What is Simplifier and how can I access it?

Simplifier.net is a FHIR registry. You can find FHIR profiles, view and learn about them and other FHIR conformance resources, like extensions, valuesets, and more. Simplifier is the ideal place to learn about the relationship between different profiles. You can access Trillium II on Simplifier here: https://simplifier.net/TrilliumII/

What is GitHub and how can I access it?

GitHub is the Trillium II – HL7 FHIR resources repository. You can access it here: https://github.com/gcangioli/trilliumII

What is Art-Decor and how can I access it?

“DECOR (Data Elements, Codes, OIDs and Rules) is a methodology to capture the data needs of caregivers in terms of datasets and scenarios and use it to generate various artefacts: documentation, value sets, XML instance validation, generation and processing support, and test tools etc.” https://art-decor.org/mediawiki/index.php?title=About

What is the Trillium II Ambassador Programme?

Trillium II Ambassadors are thought leaders that help the project share with the world the international patient summary vision, through their personal stories and aspirations, as well as their unique background and experience. If you would like to learn more, please contact Charles Lowe charles.lowe@dhaca.org.uk

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