Global IPS Community of Practice

Global IPS Community of Practice

June 30, 2019 is the end date of the Trillium II project. So, are we done with the International Patient Summary? Have we discovered and analyzed all the use cases? Do we have enough test data? Do we have perfect tools?

Unfortunately not.

In the last two years, we worked with many organizations and consortia to understand how patient summaries can improve the health and care of people by providing a minimum but essential core set of health information, their allergies, medication, problem list. Cooperation agreements were signed with the European Society of Hypertension (ESH), the FrailSafe project, the C3Cloud project, the MOCHA project, European Mobile Field Hospital Project, each addressing a different use of patient summaries. We also worked closely with the eHealth Digital Services Infrastructure (eHDSI) on European cross-border service for ePrescription and Patient Summaries, with more to come.

Collaboration is the name of the game

ESH concerned hosting IPS in a blood pressure monitoring App to facilitate remote consultation with experts. HL7 FHIR IPS provided a profile for the app to facilitate interoperability with information systems of specialists and primary care systems.

FrailSafe concerned frailty risk assessment of elderly patients at risk of frailty. HL7 FHIR IPS provide the means to link the Frailsafe platform to the health systems.

C3Cloud used IPS information to construct care plans for chronic disease patients based on medical guidelines.

The MOCHA project concerned patient summaries for children, building on the work of WHO in home records and the yellow vaccination card of WHO. Can the IPS support the requirements of a European or Global Vaccination Card? we asked in a workshop hosted by WHO Europe.

EMFH allowed the integration of a patient summary in the HL7 FHIR IPS format carried by a disaster victim to be integrated in EMFH while having the discharge report stored in the EMFH send back to the app of the patient.

After a datathon in Gothenburg, Sweden, in April 2018, a FHIR Connectathon in Baltimore, US, in September 2018, an EU MODEX disaster exercise in Bucharest, Romania, in October 2018, a hackathon in Athens, Greece, in February 2019, and another  medical exercise in Saaremaa, Estonia in April 2019, we have collected data and tools to assist developers in the implementation of the IPS.

This is not all however, more collaborative activities are coming up with initiatives in genomics, rare diseases (rdCode project), the feasibility study for the European vaccination card, and childhood cancer survivors (survivorship passport). This are exciting times, as health and wellness take the lead in shaping the health information technology for the future. Interoperability is in demand not just for cost efficiency, but for better services. It the outcome of design thinking!

IPS Global Community of Practice of digital health innovation

Thus, Trillium II will be forming an IPS global community of practice for digital health innovation to continue sharing, exploring, and developing the Ideas behind the IPS.

According to Etienne Wenger, the structural characteristics of a community of practice are again redefined to a domain of knowledge, a notion of a community, and a practice. For the IPS CoP, the domain of knowledge that creates common ground and inspires members to participate guiding their learning is the implementation of the IPS in different settings answering different needs. The community that creates the social fabric of mutual learning is what fosters interactions and encourages the sharing of ideas. The IPS practice covers different facets of mutual learning in different testing events, hackathons where we elaborate implementation of new ideas, hackthons and datathons, where we explore new data sets. In the end the IPS community of practice is our reference site for our shared knowledge, the meeting place of the IPS community.

If you have questions about the patient summary or have thought of another use case or value proposition for the IPS, you are one of us, shaping the IPS ecosystem.

Looking forward to your ideas!

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