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This page lists the most relevant news and events related to the Trillium II Project.

March 2019

An IPS Ecosystem Emerges: In March 2019 at the Portugal eHealth Forum, Trillium II joined forces with the C3Cloud and FrailSafe projects and partners TicSalut, Lombardia Informatica, HL7, SPMS (MySNS), SRDC (C3Cloud), Gnomon (eHealthPass), and GroupoSigna (FrailSafe) to demonstrate in practise the value of the International Patient Summary.

In the following material, you can learn more about:

An IPS Ecosystem Emergesa technical approach

An IPS Ecosystem Emerges – a EU/US collaborative approach

IPS and eHealth InteroperabilityTrillium-eHealth_Interoperability_Future

See the roll-ups from the event here: Trillium II – The Trillium II Prize – C3CLOUD

Non-structured vs. structured data in healthcare: During a lecture on ‘Eliminating Faxing in Medicine’ as part of a Harvard Clinical Informatics Lectures Series, the International Patient Summary is highlighted as one appropriate format for structured data when communicating healthcare information. Structured data (vs. non-structured data as with fax) can improve healthcare clinically and administratively.

See the presentation Eliminating faxing in Medicine.

January 2019

Draft CEN IPS Standards aligned to Trillium II work:

Hackathon in Athens on 8 February 2019

November 2018

Trillium-II – MOCHA Consultation Workshop on Child Health, 21-22 November 2018, WHO, Copenhagen, Denmark

Standards Development Organizations Cooperate on the International Patient Summary

EU-MODEX-Ro Civil protection exercise, in Bucharest, Romania, on 15-16 October 2018.

Trillium-II – MOCHA meeting for “Digital health policies for Children’s Health” workshop report, 17-18 September 2018.

MIE2018, 23-25 April 2018 – Datathon: Data, Process, Winners, and Prospects

MedInfo 2017 Trillium II Workshop, Hangzhou, China

European Modular Field Hospital (EUMFH) project-consortium hosted the stakeholder kick-off workshop in March 2017

IPS Workshop: Bridging projects & Initiatives, 9 February 2017 in Brussels

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