Trillium II & C3-CLOUD collaboration

Trillium II is delighted that it has signed a collaboration agreement with the C3-Cloud project ( Trillium II and C3-Cloud participated jointly in the EU Modex exercise in Romania last year and are now planning joint demonstrations of using Patient Summaries to develop care plans for chronic disease at the Portugal eHealth Summit, Lisbon (20-21 March, 2019) and IHE Connectathon (8-11 April, 2019) in Rennes, France.


The Context, Role and Adoption of the IPS in the Global Ecosystem

Three deliverables on the context, role and adoption of the IPS in the global ecosystem will be submitted to the Commission this month.

The deliverables firmly established the use case for disaster response teams and the welfare of children to benefit from the creation and use of the IPS. They have also defined the main areas of educational content that are needed to maximise clinician and patient endorsement and use of the IPS and identified the kinds of benefit from the IPS that should accrue across stakeholders but found the need to urge for greater investments in evaluations of PS deployments and a co-ordinated European approach to highlighting the evidenced benefits.

The deliverables will be public after they have been accepted by the Commission or upon request.

Trillium-II – MOCHA Consultation Workshop on Child Health

On 21-22 November 2018, the WHO Regional Office for Europe kindly hosted a follow-on consultation building on workshops in EFMI MIE2018 and CEN TC251 to seek the views of the wider stakeholder community to review, develop, and refine ideas to suggest further actions necessary to progress the health data and record keeping and sharing aspects of childhood immunisation in Europe in a systematic and child-centric way. This stakeholder consultation was attended by representatives from the WHO Europe, member state countries, SDOs, ECDC, Vaccines Europe, Joint Action on Vaccinations and members of the Trillium-II and MOCHA projects.

The main discussion points during the workshop went around common interface to immunization registries and patient summaries, the Yellow Vaccination Card, reasons for non-immunizations as well as Home-based records.

During the workshop, it was also discussed which work strands and projects that would support this agenda, who would lead these projects, who would contribute under what coordination mechanism, and what funding or resources are available or needed to advance this agenda.

A report from the consultation workshop will be available in December 2018 and results of the work will go into D4.1 of the Trillium-II project.

Compete for the Trillium-II prize!

The Trillium Prize will be awarded to the organisation that, in the opinion of a panel of judges, has done the most to promote the beneficial use of the FHIR IPS for international medical information exchanges.

The competition will close on 1st May 2019. Winners will be announced at an appropriate event in Europe a month thereafter.

To enter the competition, please contact Lene Taustrup,

Further information or questions, please contact

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